Wire Forming

CNC Wire Forming Machines can process wire diameters from .08” to .437”. Lower and Higher quantities can be processed normally with short lead times depending upon raw material availability. High Tech to Low Tech parts can be processed in this manner also. Normally no tooling charge is required. Capabilities Include:
  • Wire diameters from .08” to .437”, and parts up to 36”+ in length
  • Full secondary operation capabilities
  • Special Assembly capabilities including welding
Fourslide Equipment ranges from #00 to #8 in size and can process from .03” to .500” diameter wire. Complex Wire Forms can be produced. A minimum EAU of 100,000 pieces, (to justify tooling these machines), is required. These machines can provide Secondary Forming and Assembly Operations for Cold Headed and Machined parts.

Capabilities Include:
  • Wire Diameters from .03” to .500”
  • Processing Round, Flat Wire and Profile Wire
  • Full Secondary Operation capability
  • Fourslides can also process Secondary Operations and Assemble Components
  • Wire Feed, Vibratory Feed, Magazine Feed and Continuous Feed processes
  • Process Steel, Galvanized Steel, Spring Steel, HDMB, Brass, Aluminum, Copper and Stainless Steel
  • Roberts Box Clips and Flap Holders for Material Handling applications
  • Long Line Fishing Snaps and Swivels
Press Forming, Fixture Forming and Hand Forming for Lower quantities, Secondary and Pre-production runs.