Specialty Cold Heading

Fortress Forms Inc.,manufactures Special Cold Headed parts along with many Secondary Operations. Unique in its ability to manufacture difficult parts and parts that require Forming or Machining to complete. Value analysis efforts have produced many cost reductions by converting Screw Machined parts into Cold Headed parts when higher volumes, (100,000+ annually), are required. Machine capabilities start with its GB-30 Bolt Master Header which can process wire up to a 1.125” diameter and parts up to approximately 8.0” in length. From there we have #750 Nationals, #56 Nationals, Open Die >and Toggle Headers. Secondary operations include Fourslide operations, Davenport Chucker machining operations, Rotary drill presses, High Speed rolling processes, Punch Presses and many more. Generally, a minimum EAU of 100,000 pieces is required. Capabilities Include:
  • Cold Heading
  • Full Secondary operation capabilities
  • Wire Diameters from .06” to 1.125”
  • Cold Head Steel, Stainless Steel, Boron Steel, Brass,
  • Aluminum and Copper
Large, small and complex parts is our specialty